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"Blackstone Capital": a successful business without any problems.

Consulting services of "Blackstone Capital" - is a step on the way to success and prosperity of your business in Kazakhstan, Almaty and Astana.

The company takes the recruitment of its staff very seriously. We have a team of highly skilled financial consultants, whose experience, professionalism and well-proven problem solving techniques help them to make the best possible decision in the most difficult and tangled situations.

One of the main directions of our company's activity is investment banking. Providing investment banking services, "Blackstone Capital" chooses the best strategy of investing and conducts complex operations to add value to your business. We guarantee high results in capital raising in Kazakhstan, Astana and Almaty.

Company "Blackstone Capital" is not only able to develop the best mechanism for attracting deposits, but also give a reliable valuation of investment projects. We conduct valuation of financial assets at a high level.

After signing a contract for the implementation of this operation and having collected the required information, our staff members use specific approaches for financial assets valuation and generalization of results.

As a result of their work you will be issued an evaluation report on financial assets. This will identify circulating and non-circulating assets. After receiving this information you will be able to organize the most profitable sale of assets.

Our recommendations for corporate management, which require knowledge of management strategies and tactics for business results, are especially valuable. Our Business Advisory team will help to establish the relationship between the Corporate Governance, investors, management and other stakeholders.

Our team will carry out high quality enterprise restructuring. The principal changes that we perform in all areas, will help to move your company to a new level.

"Blackstone Capital" will teach you how to effectively manage corporate finance. You will be able to determine the funding, to perform Research and business planning, necessary for making forecasts and recording of data. Our Financial Advisory team will help you to arrange funding, to make properly a cash flow analysis of the company for the last term and to optimize cash flow.

But the list of financial services does not end here. Offering offering M&A advisory solutions, we provide complete list of all possible services. It includes financial operations analysis, performed by the specialists, assessment of company-participants value, determination of the tax consequences of mergers and acquisitions in Kazakhstan, Almaty and Astana, preparation of documents relevant to active legislation and performing the main stages of a procedure, as well as participation of foreign companies.